Verk Media is Now on Thumbtack

Verk Media is Now on Thumbtack

As part of the ongoing effort to get prospective clients to find Verk Media and use our services, we have partnered with Thumbtack. We can hardly wait to meet with you for your next album, promotion, or photo session!Read more

New Image Content for Our Sites’ Portfolios!

After some debate about showcasing older photos the decision was made to remove the older images and instead start a project: generate all new portraits, composite images, and include a variety of them for you to enjoy. Remember to bookmark us here, or, visit our photography daughter sites and bookmark them directly: Kleins' Photography The Clever ImageRead more

Our Simple Blog for Announcements

While priority announcements will always be presented on our front page, you may see other posts here, from time to time. We still encourage you to visit our daughter sites, Kleins' Photography and The Clever Image, where you can arrange for our services related to all things photographic, portraiture, sporting event coverage, and for retouching and restoration.Read more